Monday, March 25, 2013


Game Over

"Just when you think it's not too late to live life you can fall in love in an instant and never look back at the world. In a moment like this, you need to remember to breathe and be sure you want what's next: weak knees, and you'll come undone everyday. Love has the power to start a revolution. Fight for it, and don't change it. You'll feel tired but you won't be able to fall asleep at night. Call it a monster with many faces, a friend unlike any other. It's addictive, but it's all you'll ever need. And when you look away for just a moment, they disappear and it's game over."

Made out of Cosmopolitan magazine ad cut-out words. For Contemporary Art class, Summer Quarter 2012. Acyrillic paint on white poster board beneath.

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